Organic explained

Only Natural Pesticides

We all want shiny and strong crops. But nature hasn’t reserved all the food for us human beings. Loads of organisms also profit from the veggies we plant for our consumption. They eat the leaves and roots or find perfect humid breeding places for their larvae and fungi to grow. Organic farmers use natural methods to decrease the effects of these harmful organisms. If possible they introduce natural enemies to achieve a healthy natural balance. Chemical pesticides are not allowed in organic agriculture.

No Gen-tech Allowed

Organic farmers envision nature as a coherent system. When you start engineering the characteristics of one organism, it could potentially harm other species in the system. The effects cannot be predicted at this time. So better safe than sorry. Improving the quality of crops by classic plant breeding (crossing) is allowed in organic agriculture. But using genetically modified organisms (GMO) is strictly prohibited. With organic certified products you can be sure you won’t be eating any gen-tech food.

Full Cycle Ecosystem

Organic farming takes place in living ecosystems and natural circuits. The organic method requires adaptation to local conditions. Those who produce organic products must contribute to the protection and improvement of the shared living environment, including the landscape, climate, habitats, biodiversity, air and water. For example this means prevention of pollution by using fertilizer sparingly. But also combining diverse crops to prevent the negative impact of mono-culture on the farmland.

No Additives - Pure Nature

Organic products contain nothing but natural ingredients. That might sound logical, but most factory processed food  you buy in the supermarket contains many enhancing additives to improve the structure (stabilizers), taste (artificial aromas), color (colorants), shine (lice brightener) and shelf life (preservatives). Organic manufacturers also usually add less sugar and less salt to retain the authentic flavour of the ingredients. They embrace the taste and quality that nature provides. Do you like it?