Healthy Snack Facts

Lots of fibre

Fibre are found only in plants. Typical Joan’s ingredients such as lentils, chickpeas, nuts and green peas are a good source of fibre. Fibre contribute to a healthy digestion and improves the stool. It is also said fibre lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Eating sufficient food rich in fibre could further lower your cholesterol and help maintain a healthy body weight. Now that’s happy snacking!


Most of Joan’s Harvest Crisps are perfectly ok for vegans. Except for the Classic Cheese flavour all crisps contain only plant-based ingredients. No dairy, egg or animal-based product enhancers such as lice brightener or porcine gelatin are used. No animal has even came near your crisps. Well ok, the humans in our production plant did 🙂 With these delicious organic snacks you savour 100% plant power.

Oven-baked is less fat

Harvest Crisps are baked in the oven to get the right crispiness. Regular chips are fried, the reason they generally contain more fat. Joan’s organic crops are sorted, grounded and roasted under high temperature in our special crisps factory. Yes, we add some sunflower oil to the blend. This make them taste even better and gives them that golden shine after they’ve finished their oven-baked treatment. We love ‘m that way. Don’t you?

Organic ingredients

Joan’s uses only organic ingredients. This means you won’t find any traces of chemical pesticides, simply because these are not allowed in organic agriculture. With organic certified products you can further be sure you won’t be eating any gen-tech food. What’s more, these delicious crisps contain no preservatives, colorants, artifical aromas or other product enhancers. Good for your health, better for nature.

The Magic of Chickpeas

Chickpeas are one of the best meat alternatives. Full of protein, vitamin B and iron; exactly the valuable nutrients that meat offers. You won’t be suprised chickpeas are a favorite ingredient of many vegetarians and vegans. Not only do they provide all neccessary things your body needs, you can also cook a wide variety of dishes with this superfood. And now there is Joan’s Chickpea Curry. Snacking has never been better.


Protein are essential for every animal. They provide loads of calories and amino acids. Amino acids help build up body cells. Protein are found in both plants and animals. Because the concentration of protein in meat and fish is generally much higher, eating sufficient vegetable alternatives is a quest for vegetarians and vegans. Luckily Joan’s is a good source. Chickpeas, lentils, peas and nuts are full of protein.